1. You don’t need other people to play

Yes, I know. You don’t need other people to play something like basketball or soccer. However, if you’ve ever played these sports by yourself, you know how quickly it gets old. These sports are meant to play with others, and for peak fun, you need other people there.

With golf, you can still get better and have the same amount of fun when you’re by yourself. In fact, many people prefer playing by themselves. It’s a great way to get some alone time and just relax.

2. The variety of courses

In just about every other sport, the field or court never changes. It might have something different painted on it, but it’s generally still all the same.


If you ever get bored with one golf course, you can just travel to a different one and get a completely different experience. It becomes motivation to play and to conquer every course in your area. Plus, every course has its own set of challenges and personality. You may have a great round once in a while, but it’s very unlikely you’ll ever feel like you’ve mastered a certain course.

3. It doesn’t matter how big or fast you are

If you’ve ever gone to the park to play a pickup game of basketball, soccer, or even football, you know how discouraging it is to constantly lose just because the other guys are just more athletic than you. Unfortunately, with those sports, athleticism can make a huge competitive difference.

Over on the course though, none of that matters. Now obviously in extreme cases, it matters like you’re not going to lose to your 95-year old grandfather or that kid who is shorter than his driver. Other than that, golfers come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s often the mental game that sets the great ones apart.

4. You can play with anyone

The handicap system in golf allows you to play with just about anyone on a level playing field. So if you’re a veteran player and you want to bring your beginner friend around, you can do just that.

What other sport can you be competitive with someone who is just flat out better than you? Not many.

5. You don’t need to actually play to practice

You’re not getting better at basketball without being on the court and getting up some shots in a competitive game. Same with just about every other sport except for golf.

If you’re bored at home or at work, just grab a club and practice your swing. Just don’t let go, or else golfing will become your day job. And golf is truly one of the sports where the game will not allow you to feel like you’ve perfected any one thing. It’s all about constant practice, however, you can get it done.

6. The money

If we’re being honest, very few of us will get good enough to really take advantage of the massive amounts of money in the purse. However, for the select few, the money factor is what makes this sport so great.

In other sports, you’ll never even sniff a cent unless you get to the very top of the world at that sport. And even then, only the best of the best get the top money. In golf, you earn your money and anyone can win it through the tons of tournaments around.

7. It’s a gentleman’s game

We’ve all had those experiences at the park where someone gets a little too competitive and a fight breaks out. You will rarely see that in golf, and if does happen there’s probably booze involved (which we will get to next).

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t get competitive in golf. It just means there is etiquette that needs to be followed if you want to play it correctly. It’s the etiquette that also makes the game of golf so great if you really think about it.

8. You can drink while you play

Grab some beers and head down to your local golf course and play with your buddies. Unlike other sports where drinking and running hard don’t mix, golf is just laid back enough to allow you to get some drinks in with your friends. Of course, this is not encouraging anyone to act foolish on the course, but it’s definitely a sport where you can play with a buzz.

9. You can plan a day around it

How long do you spend playing other sports? An hour? Two hours? With golf, you can play all day on a beautiful course.

I’m sure athletes in these other sports would love to be able to play hours on end, but at a certain point, their bodies just don’t allow them to. Depending on your own body and how hard you go, you can milk a round of golf for as long as you want, or even speed through it for that matter.

10. You can start whenever  you want

It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you want to start playing golf, then you can start playing golf. If you’re 40 years old, you can start now and still play and be competitive when you’re 50.

If you’re 40 trying to play basketball or football, it’s just not happening. Especially if you’re just beginning to learn. If you haven’t grown up playing these sports, by the time you get good enough, your body won’t let you play anyways.

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