Youth Pitching Tip #1 – Leg strength, Leg strength, Leg Strength. One can generate more velocity and maintain stamina by having strong legs. You don’t have to have big legs to have strong legs.

Youth Pitching Tip #2 – If a pitcher/player wants to improve his arm strength, long tossing and light dumbbells and tubing exercises will be the most beneficial. Long tossing is very important, but make sure its under control.

Youth Pitching Tip #3 – If you have a problem throwing across your body, try using a 2×6 wooden board. Stand on it in your stretch position and go through your mechanics (without the ball) If you land straight, you’ll land on the board every time.


Youth Pitching Tip #4 – Never be to fine with your change-up, always try to throw it for strikes. Let the movement and your arm speed throw the hitter off.

Youth Pitching Tip #5 – GET AHEAD with first pitch strikes. If you don’t get the first pitch over, MAKE SURE second pitch is a strike. A 1-1 count is better than a 2-0 any day.

Youth Pitching Tip #6 – Instead of continually throwing over to first base to chase the runner back, try mixing your look-overs and hold times before delivery of the pitch. This will make it difficult for the runner to time you and get a good jump.

Youth Pitching Tip #7 – A good 0-2 pitch is a fastball up and out of the strike zone. This changes the hitters eye level and sets up any pitch for the 1-2 count.

Youth Pitching Tip #8 – To help keep your front shoulder or your hip from opening too soon, try getting your shoulder close to your chin as you separate from the glove on delivery to home.

Youth Pitching Tip #9 – If you have a problem missing on either corner of the plate consistently, try moving over to the opposite side or middle of the pitching rubber.

Youth Pitching Tip #10 – Don’t forget to concentrate a little extra on 0-2. Make the pitch a little more un-hittable, no pitcher or manager likes an 0-2 hit!

Youth Pitching Tip #11 – The odds are 12-1 against the batter getting a base hit on any pitch that is thrown with something on it. This could either be velocity or good movement. This little fact should help with the three C’s of pitching. (Concentration, Confidence, and Courage) Pitching YOUR game will usually be the best thing you could do.

Youth Pitching Tip #12 – When backing up third and home, get as far back as possible in case of a bad throw. If you don’t know if the ball is going to third or home, split the difference until the play unfolds and rush to the right area.

Youth Pitching Tip #13 – If batter bunts with a runner on first, always look to second to see if a play is possible. If in doubt, always go to first base. One out is better than none, and an errant throw into center field will only increase the damage.

Youth Pitching Tip #14 – Just because you fall behind in the count (2-0, 2-1, or 3-1) doesn’t mean that you HAVE to throw a fastball … keep ’em thinking!

Youth Pitching Tip #15 – If the game starts to get a little out of hand step off the mound, take a deep breath and tell yourself to refocus – then get back to work.

Youth Pitching Tip #16 – If you haven’t tried a “slide step” with a runner on first (or anywhere else for that matter), it is a base- stealers enemy and a catcher’s best friend.

Youth Pitching Tip #17 – When you are sacrifice bunting, make sure that you square around early to get into a good position. Get the bat in front of home plate and use your legs to move up and down – not the bat!

Youth Pitching Tip #18 – When a ball is hit back to you make sure that you plant both feet and make a good hard throw. The same holds true with a runner at first and a double play throw to second. Catch, turn, and plant, find the bag and throw chest high.

Youth Pitching Tip #19 – When throwing a curve ball don’t over spin it thinking you need to, just let it come naturally and you won’t be risking yourself to major injury Wait until your in high school to throw a good number of curves, just work on that change up.

Youth Pitching Tip #20 – On a suicide squeeze it’s all or nothing. Charge it and if you think you have a chance bare hand the ball and shovel it to the catcher. Stay low to the ground.

Youth Pitching Tip #21 – On a ball back to you and a possible play at second or third always listen to your catcher. You don’t have eyes behind your head.

Youth Pitching Tip #22 – When backing up third and home get as far back behind the base as possible. When you get there stop the ball whatever way you can, it could mean the game!

Youth Pitching Tip #23 – Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too short, too small, can’t throw hard enough or can’t hit the ball far enough. Those people were never good enough themselves. Always have confidence and think positively!

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