The Beautiful Game—that’s what football is for most enthusiasts. It is also one of the most ‘physically demanding’ games. While playing football, you need a remarkably high level of stamina to keep the game going. Whether you are a pro football player or just a weekend footballer, you do need to build up your stamina to be good at the game.

How To Increase Stamina For Football?

Here are some ways with which you can pump up your stamina and play the ‘beautiful game’:

1. Practice Specific Exercises:

  • Cardiovascular Exercises: Practice cardiovascular exercises or ‘aerobics’ (swimming, rope jumping, running, stair-stepping, jogging, skipping, cycling, rowing, etc.) at least for 30 to 50 minutes every day. It will give a boost to your stamina by increasing your aerobic capacity to a great extent.
  • Circuit Training: Weight-based circuit training (sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, squat jumps, etc.) can help you a lot in developing muscle strength, thereby improving your endurance. Exercising for 1 minute at each of the 10 to 20 stations of a circuit is considered to be enough.
  • Plyometric Exercises: It has been found that plyometric exercises (one leg jumps, box jumps, burpees, stair hops, and other similar quick explosive movements), especially the weighted ones, can increase the energy and resilience of a football player significantly.
  • Stretching: Stretch your body before and after exercises regularly. It will not only build your stamina, but also keep you away from injuries.

2. Train Yourself Properly:

  • Sprinting: It is crucial to train your body beforehand, so that you can sprint-jog-sprint during the game as fast as possible. Performing a cycle of 15-20 yards of sprinting (including the recovery time) every day can help you immensely to enhance your stamina. You can also practice sprint drills with additional resistance (wearing weighted pants or vests) to make the most of your training.
  • Speed Endurance Runs: This particular training is necessary for increasing your capacity of moving over different distances fast and efficiently. As a result, your level of endurance will also go higher.
  • Fartlek Training: This is a modified form of speed endurance run, which helps the player move for a constant duration by altering his or her speed accordingly. Being a randomized version, it gives lots of energy and stamina to the trainee.
  • Soccer-Ball Drill: It is one of the most effective stamina training options for football players. As it makes use of the football itself, you can strengthen your ball control as well as ball possession skills along with heightening endurance level.

3. Consume Well-Balanced Diet:

Healthy eating is undoubtedly essential for increasing stamina, be it in football or any other physical game. Strictly follow a well-balanced diet that is high in carbs and low in fats. Eat at least 6 times (3 big and 3 small meals) a day to absorb sufficient nutrients. Stay away from junks, processed foods, sugary items, soda, etc. Also, try to indulge in real whole foods instead of having power bars, energy drinks and nutritional supplements.

4. Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. If your body cells get dehydrated, you will feel low on energy and it will take a toll on your stamina as well as performance. So try and consume lots of water throughout the day and keep sufficient number of bottles with you during the match.

5. Give Yourself Enough Rest:

Take enough rest before two performances. Every player needs to sleep anywhere between 7 and 9 hours daily at night. It is proved that night is the only time when your body rejuvenates and recovers completely. As a result, you will get enough stamina to perform optimally the next day.

6. Do Not Over-Practice:

Do not over-train yourself. If you exercise a lot or practice each and every day, you will be totally drained out of energy, affecting your level of stamina considerably. It is vital that you take at least a couple of days off in the span of one week.

7. Be Positive:

Always think positive. The more you push yourself forward, the higher your stamina goes. So, keep self-motivating. Hope now you got an idea on how to increase stamina for football! These tips are not for footballers of al hue. Any sports person can follow these tips to build a strong stamina. And why just sports people, we ordinary mortals too can benefit from these guidelines! How do you increase your level of stamina in football matches? Let us know by commenting below.

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